If it ends up on a computer, tablet, or mobile device - yeah, we do that.

It is as simple as that folks – we manage anything digital so you don’t have to.

What We Do

Digital Design

No matter how good a back-end team is or how good of a plan you lay out when producing a site in the interactive space, if it does not look good, or if users cannot navigate, the project will fail. Design for this space is unique unto itself and we get that.

Digital Development

Technology changes fast. It is necessary to stay on top of new advancements, products, and methodologies. We spend each and every day examining the state of the art and modifying our approach for to design and development.

Content Mangement

Remember when a website was easy? You put it up once, waited a few years, and then maybe did it again. Not anymore. Gone are the days of “set it and forget it” websites. Your website should be dynamic; a living part of your marketing machine.


Whether you are a multi-national brand, or a startup in your garage, if you have a product to sell, you need a professional team backing you up. That freelancer in their underwear isn’t quite going to cut it here.

Mobile Apps

We have served some of the biggest brands around (and a number of small ones too; we are snobs here) our team is ready to take your needs mobile. We understand not everyone has Hollywood budgets to spend on huge rollouts and we firmly believe in a mobile-first mentality.


The most important client we have is your client. This philosophy is what allows us to seamlessly step in and implement your plan effectively and efficiently. Not only do we work with various agencies every day but most of our team has paid their dues in the agency world. This gives us the ideal vantage point and makes us uniquely suited to handle the rigorous ins and outs of the agency world.

Paid Media (PPC)

So we built you the best website the world has ever seen. Or, we built you the best mobile app ever made. Or, maybe you even got someone else to do that for you (we hope to see you the next time), nothing means anything if no one can find you. If you want to leave this to a band of data-driven analytics nerds who only care about getting more eyes on your stuff, then call us.

Public Relations

Envoy can help work with your business to strategically build your brand in the world. This involves synergistic ventures with like-minded companies, tactical outreach to connect you with others who can propel your brand, and best-in-class relationship building with businesses, individuals, or publications that can move the needle for your business.

Agency Partnerships

Simply put, we love agencies. We partner with agencies all the time; and we love it. We work behind the scenes or right out in the open. However you decide to let us help you, we are collaborators with you and an extension of your team.

Where we Operate

We are physically tied to Hoboken, NJ, Baltimore, MD, and Greensboro, NC but why should that stop us from talking just because you are in Miami, or Topeka, or Alaska? We are open on almost every modern communication platform and would love to chat! Drop us a line below and someone will reach out soon!

Bragging a bit...

The best partner we could have worked with over many years. Their empathy for our brand, our needs, and our goals remains as impressive every step of the way today as it did when we started. .
Our agency's greatest weapon and best-kept secret. Envoy fits in directly with our company and is often invited to act at meetings on our behalf. They are an extension of our brand.
If there is a technical requirement we can't solve, have never heard of, or, in general, we can't find a way to do - we call Envoy. There has been no problem, big or small, that Envoy has not figured out. They have saved us on more than a few occasions.

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