The most important client we have is your client.

The most important client we have is your client. This philosophy is what allows us to seamlessly step in and implement your plan effectively and efficiently. Not only do we work with various agencies every day but most of our team has paid their dues in the agency world. This gives us the ideal vantage point and makes us uniquely suited to handle the rigorous ins and outs of the agency world.

We become a source of revenue for your agency by providing production services to your clients when you cannot due to under staffing or being over worked. We have worked with traditional print agencies to extend their client engagements into the digital realm. We have worked with interactive agencies to help them realize greater potential with their clients. We have worked with smaller agencies as their interactive team and we have worked with large agencies as overflow assistance.

There are several ways in which we can work with you and many more we can help you increase output while maintaining the high level of quality you demand for your clients.

The scope of our work is more extensive than we can cover here but below are a few of our strengths:

Core Strengths

  • Website Design – From brochure site to fully dynamic and template driven
  • Mobile Applications – iPhone, iPad, and Android design and development
  • Flash Banners – From design to production
  • HTML/CSS – XHTML compliant and cross browser perfect
  • Flash Programming – We just make it work while breathing life into the work
  • Back-End Design – We work closely with you to make a plan for a successful project
  • Back-End Implementation – PHP, WordPress, Joomla, XML, RSS and a few other acronyms as well

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Bragging a bit...

Envoy blended right in as members of our team. Our clients loved working with them and our team could hardly tell they were not actually working at our company.
To hire this level of professionalism would have been cost-prohibitive for us. Envoy was able to really make us shine in an area we needed a little help with.
Our tech team has core-competencies but it is wonderful to have an add-on like Envoy to fill in the blanks. WIth their help, we are able to handle any task that comes our way.

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