15 billion apps downloaded

At some point I am wondering if we just do what McDonalds did and say forget it, we just sold a ton of apps; period? Seems like not now though. Apple has crested the 15 billion app mark and seems to be on fire. We even now have north of 425,000 apps to choose from in the app store so despite what appears to be more options that most would have ever imagined, folks are still downloading them like crazy.

The hardest part to believe here is that we have only enjoyed knowing what an app store even was for three years this month. In just three short years Apple invented, marketed, skyrocketed, and monumentally profited from a completely made up product. What’s more is they have essentially made it so that I get angry when a company I want to use does not provide me an app to interface with them.

Put another way research shows we spend 667 minutes per month using apps. If that happened in just three years, how long am I going to be on this thing this time next year?

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