Apple’s antenna labs

I am certainly not picking on Apple because, of late, it has come to light that Apple is clearly not the only pony in the show with this problem; just the one getting the most attention. I do find it

What I do find somewhat comical is that Apple has spent a bloody fortune to only end up where everyone else has ended up in this department. Take a look here at their incredible multi-million dollar antenna lab. It would seem to me that while we can all recognize the inherent problem here (there are only so many places one can place an antenna), spending this kind of money to not go anywhere is, well, disappointing.

Perhaps we are all jaded that Apple regularly thinks around a problem and comes up with a superb solution. Perhaps we don’t want to admin that Apple is human after all. Perhaps we just like painting a target on Apple and, regardless of other industry folk doing the same thing, we only get chatty about them. Who knows. The fact remains that we know dozens of folks with this phone and not one that has ever complained about this as an issue.

To be honest, we just wanted to show you the antenna lab. It does look pretty fancy.