Can you buy a new phone every six months?

It often boggled my mind why this was not the case earlier. Someone at the phone companies out there finally wised up and realized that folks who buy smartphones, buy them a lot. We also break them a lot, drop them in a pool a lot, have their kids use them as frisbees a lot, and, well, you get the point. At $600 a pop, that can be an expensive habit.

Enter the new upgrade plans. These new plans dramatically increase the flexibility of a consumer’s upgrade options. Now, instead of being stuck and bound to an 18 – 24 month upgrade cycle, a user could upgrade as soon as six months. While it is unclear if we truly need a new device every six months, one can never rule it out. *Need* is such a strong word isn’t it?

So if you are accident prone, lead a very active lifestyle, or simply have device ADD, then rejoice in the streets for this is your day. We know Apple (and all of the other device manufacturers) will be dancing around as this recent move is projected to increase mobile device sales by 10% give or take.