Contract conjecture may be bad, bad, bad

“So, what I meant to say was… [double beep followed by a pleasant green notice saying my call was dropped]”.

[frustrated sigh]

[caller re-dials, waits, recipient picks up] “Sorry, I have an iPhone, love the phone, HATE AT&T”

“Don’t worry, I have an iPhone too, I totally understand”.

Sound familiar? If you have had AT&T for more than 15 minutes the answer should be yes. Why do we put up with this? Well, we have to. And now we may have to deal with it longer. According to Engadget they have been snooping around in court documents in an ongoing class action suit and have found proof that we are locked in to this garbage company for a few more years, 2012 to be exact. So this begs the question, why in the world would a company like Apple have any desire whatsoever to stick with a company like AT&T for any amount of time.

It baffles me that, to date, Apple can sell over a hundred million gadgets, earn the admiration of hordes of people, incite deca-millions of posts about their products, wage war on the norm, and generally make us all aware of just how much fun we could have on their devices yet sit idly by while an older-than-dirt, stuck in the past, beat up our customers until they submit, outwardly screw anyone who depends on them for service, and laugh all the way to the bank company like AT&T not only almost voluntarily submits their reputation for slaughter but by extension breeds contempt for Apple for continuing to do business with them.

It is extremely bothersome when a company exerts its weight on the small guy. It bothers me even more that the other day on the highway I dropped approximately 5 phone calls in the span of 3 hours. Five. Really, should that ever happen with a service that has been guaranteed a boatload of cash via guaranteed monthly take? I submit no it should not. One would think that after a number of years with this guaranteed revenue a company such as AT&T would get on the ball and solve this problem. It would also seem to me that in the year 2010 I would not have to be bound to these folks should they fail to provide an even marginally acceptable baseline service. And yet, here I am. I suppose I am really the one to blame.

Here’s to hoping Apple has better lawyers and can escape the madness. Even though I know plenty of folks who equally abhor Verizon, Sprint, and TMobile, I am almost ready to invent iSmokeScreen or iCarrierPigeon as I believe I would have more success in maintaining a conversation than I currently “enjoy”.