Eight US Newspapers Sue OpenAI And Microsoft For Copyright Infringement

As is not a surprise to anyone, AI is making big waves in the news realm. To attempt to fight back, eight newspapers just sued tech giants OpenAI and Microsoft. There are many familiar themes here these days; not the least of which being how the hell did these AIs get so smart to begin with? Well, by stealing a bunch of other peoples stuff, that’s how. This argument goes in a few directions here.

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Key Takeaways

  • Eight US newspapers are suing OpenAI and Microsoft for using their articles without permission. This is called copyright infringement.
  • The newspapers say this problem makes it hard to keep sharing news. They want the tech companies to pay for using their work.
  • Lawsuit is happening in New York. It could change how AI uses news stories in the future.
  • Big papers like The Denver Post and Chicago Tribune are part of this lawsuit.
  • This issue started after another big paper, The New York Times, also sued these tech companies for the same reason.


Lawsuit Against OpenAI and Microsoft

A bustling courtroom scene with lawyers and newspaper representatives.

Eight US newspapers have taken legal steps against OpenAI and Microsoft. They claim these big tech companies used their news articles without permission, hurting their work.

Allegations of Copyright Infringement

The lawsuit claims OpenAI and Microsoft took millions of news stories without asking or paying. These stories were used to train AI chatbots to act like they know about the news. This is called copyright infringement because the companies did not have permission to use these articles.


This case is about taking what’s not yours, said a lawyer for the newspapers. The papers want OpenAI and Microsoft to pay for using their work illegally. They say their articles, which cost money and time to make, were used unfairly by big tech firms to teach AI programs without any benefit back to the creators.


Impact on News Services

Taking legal action, newspapers have said OpenAI and Microsoft used millions of their articles without asking or paying. This has hurt the papers a lot. They can’t do as good a job giving out news because they’re losing money.

Big names like The Denver Post and Chicago Tribune are part of this fight in court. These papers give us a lot of news we rely on every day.

This battle is big because it shows how new tech can be trouble for older ways of sharing news. If these tech giants keep using the work without paying, newspapers might not have enough money to keep going.

This case in New York federal court could change how AI and news work together in the future.

Lawsuit Details

The eight newspapers filed their lawsuit in a New York federal court. They claim OpenAI and Microsoft used their news stories to make AI chatbots smarter without asking or paying. This lawsuit points out the big effort and money these papers spend on creating news.

They want to stop tech companies from using their hard work unfairly.

These newspapers are part of groups like Alden Global Capital, MediaNews Group, and Tribune Publishing. Together, they bring lawsuits against tech giants for taking their articles illegally.

The case shows how important copyright laws are in protecting writers’ and publishers’ work against unauthorized use by artificial intelligence systems.

Newspapers Involved in the Lawsuit

Newspapers from The New York Daily News and The Chicago Tribune displayed in a legal office.

Major newspapers like The New York Daily News and The Chicago Tribune are part of this lawsuit. They say OpenAI and Microsoft used their stories without permission.

Ownership and Affiliation

The newspapers suing OpenAI and Microsoft belong to two main groups. Alden Global Capital owns MediaNews Group and Tribune Publishing. Below is a detailed table showing each newspaper’s ownership and affiliation:


Newspaper Ownership Group Affiliation
Mercury News MediaNews Group (Alden Global Capital)
Denver Post MediaNews Group (Alden Global Capital)
Orange County Register MediaNews Group (Alden Global Capital)
St. Paul Pioneer-Press MediaNews Group (Alden Global Capital)
Orlando Sentinel Tribune Publishing (Alden Global Capital)
South Florida Sun Sentinel Tribune Publishing (Alden Global Capital)


Frank Pine, the executive editor for both MediaNews Group and Tribune Publishing, oversees these newspapers. He highlights the immense investment in reporting and gathering information, emphasizing the value and effort behind the news production process.

Statement from Executive Editor

After discussing the newspapers and their owners, it’s clear how much work goes into reporting news. Frank Pine made a strong point. He said his papers put in lots of effort and money to create news stories.

They cannot let tech firms just take this hard work for their gain. Frank pointed out that billions have been spent on journalism by these newspapers.


We will make sure tech companies respect our rights. This shows they mean business about protecting their copyright material. The goal is to make big tech pay for using newspaper content without permission.


Previous Lawsuit Filed by New York Times

The New York Times took OpenAI and Microsoft to court in December. They said these companies used their stories without asking or paying. This was important because it meant using someone else’s hard work for free.

The case showed that big tech firms might not be playing fair with news creators. This wasn’t just about a few articles; it was about respecting the rights of those who make the news.

By filing this lawsuit, The New York Times aimed to protect its content and set a standard for how tech companies should act.


Eight US newspapers have taken a bold step against OpenAI and Microsoft, accusing them of using their writings without asking or paying. They say this hurts their ability to share news.

This fight in a New York court could change how AI tech uses written works in the future. It’s clear that businesses must respect writers’ rights if they use their works to train AIs.

This case will show how important it is to balance tech progress with fair use of creative content.


1. Why did eight US newspapers sue OpenAI and Microsoft?

They sued because they think OpenAI’s and Microsoft’s use of their articles to train artificial intelligence without permission is illegal.

2. What is the main issue with OpenAI and Microsoft using newspaper articles?

The issue is that they used copyrighted articles from newspapers to teach their AI, which might break copyright laws.

3. Who are some of the newspapers involved in the lawsuit?

Newspapers like The Associated Press, The Financial Times, and The San Jose Mercury News are part of the lawsuit.

4. What do these newspapers want from OpenAI and Microsoft?

These newspapers want them to stop using their work without permission and possibly pay for damages.

5. How does this lawsuit affect artificial intelligence development?

This case could change how AI companies use public information to make or improve their products.

6. What could be a result of this lawsuit for users of AI technology?

If the newspapers win, it might change what information AI like ChatGPT can learn from, affecting its usefulness.

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