Google and Verizon teaming up

One thing everyone will have to thank Apple for is getting the ball rolling; over and over and over again. This time we are talking specifically about the iPad. Six months ago everyone knew tablets existed, thought about them a bit, but scoffed largely at the commercial viability of them. In other words no one was taking the plunge, at least not in the massively public spectacle way that Apple has done of late.

So no what? Easy, everyone needs to make a tablet, and now. We now get to read all about “iPad killers” for the foreseeable future. Arguably if one does not tag their new tablet as such they might as well not even show up. After all, if you aren’t killing the iPad, why bother?

Most recently announced to the game is Google and Verizon’s intention to release a tablet. The statement was [I believe] intentionally vague of course and didn’t say much about what kind of tablet, or specify when, they just left us with the promise that someday they will have one. Well someday I have every intention of walking on the moon. I won’t say when, I just wanted to put it on your radar. To me this underscores the fact that interacting with the data we seek on a tablet is no longer a question mark but rather the definite future. Who will own the game is another story but whomever wins, let’s not forget to thank Steve somewhere along the way for without him, your silly tablet would still only see the light of day at CES in the Innovation Nation tent.

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