Great Mashable post on mobile trends

I think everyone should take a look at a recent Mashable post on mobile trends. Many of our clients come to us to help them conceptualize what technologies would be best for them and what is working for others. This article I believe validates much of our current thinking. For those of you not willing to actually read the post I have recapped the cheat sheet here.

[1] SMS – Everyone is texting. If you are not, you might just be one of the only ones. Don’t think just because it is low-tech that it is outdated. It still works.

[2] Advertising on the platforms is still being worked out – There are some interesting things happening in the field but nothing is a clear winner yet and everyone is largely still figuring out what works for them. My guess is that this will continue into the indefinite future but will find a level point sometime in the not so distant future.

[3] To mobile site or to mobile app – Perhaps our most asked question around here actually. The answer is different for everyone and both sides of the fence have great arguments to be made. The real answer though is that no one knows yet. No clear leader has emerged and they are not likely to emerge for a little while either. There are a ton of variables to consider on the mobile site site not the least of which being the massive amount of devices out there. Unlike computers, there are no real common denominators out there. On the other, app development is not cheap at the moment.

[4] Geo tagging – People respond to information that is near them or affects things near them. It expands the usefulness of the app exponentially if a user’s life can be made easier at the point of need and relevant to their current situation. Ignoring geo targeting will be a major downfall.

[5] Video is the new everything – As more and more people are born into a tech-dependent world, their attention spans decrease accordingly. Video provides a fast and clear delivery mechanism that almost always packs in more impact than no video. Whether it is a tutorial video that more accurately shows the user how to do something or a comedic video that makes us laugh, video delivers far more than text only. Keeping a solid video plan is key to succeeding in a mobile space.

Again, this is a tremendous article that should be read. Lots of information there. We are happy to discuss further should anyone wish to do so.

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