How an app really changes your life

Apps, apps, apps. It is all anyone ever talks about it would seem. “There’s an app” for almost everything. I have time and time again told anyone who would listen about my obsession with apps and how they help my day-to-day. That said, it is often hard for non-app converts to really wrap their head around how apps can truly change your life.

We have also all heard quite a bit about Google Glass of late. (I think this video by the way is absolutely breathtaking in its ability to sum up the experience). This too can be a bit foreign to people who don’t spend any real amount of time thinking about the potential impact these things might be able to have on their lives.

As it so happens, we have a new app that has a tremendous, immediate demonstrative effect on how both apps and technology can truly change one’s life. The app is NYCycle and it is made for Google Glass and the now famous New York City Citi bike program which, for those who don’t yet know, is a fleet of rentable bikes in NYC sponsored by Citi.

This app embraces the very latest-and-greatest that the tech world has to offer (“app” as well as a piece of technology you can’t even buy yet) in a way that is immediately relevant and useful. In short this app will provide a heads-up view of maps of the city, closest drop-off points, points of interest, and even where a great place to nosh while biking all over the place might be. It provides this interface in a display that fits out of your direct view but easily accessible using Google Glass. This is ideal quite obviously, or rather preferred, opposed to pulling your phone out of your pocket and doing a Yelp! search for the nearest Citi drop-off location.

If you are stuck envisioning how you might benefit from an app, or are mental blocked when it comes to thinking how your product might thrive in app format, look at this first. It is a very, very cool exploration of how technology and apps will one day work together to truly make your life just a little easier.

Read more about the app and download it here.

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