MarkUp – The web designer’s screenshot tool

Envoy recently released its new app entitled MarkUp. (You can download it here). This is the tool for web developers that want to annotate websites on the go. Built native for both the iPad and the iPhone, MarkUp allows anyone to take a screen shot of a web page, add notes, and draw on the shots to outline update notes for developers, upgrade ideas for clients, or simply highlight unique features of a particular website. Made by designers, for designers, this tool also allows for bookmarking of frequently visited sites; a helpful tool for staging environments with multiple client builds on them. When done you can email or save your shot to your photo album.

MarkUp was designed to with the developer and designer in mind but it is also an ideal tool for clients as well. When hiring a web design firm to handle your next site, use MarkUp to highlight desired attributes of other websites or illustrate items you don’t like. Anyone who wants to comment on a variety of websites, this is the tool for you.

You can download the app in the Apple App Store by clicking on this link.


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