New iPad features

The new iPad rumor mill is firing up with some alleged confirmed features already. One is a slightly smaller screen (7 inches) and full conference capabilities. Mixed reviews on what that means though.

Let’s tackle the latter first. This feature should have been on the first iPad. It was already in production with the new iPhone and would have made this product light years ahead of the pack instead of just a few hundred thousand miles ahead. Missed opportunity really but keeping in mind that we run on pure consumerism, clipping off a feature sure to entice many and saving it for later, well, just sells more iPads.

Second, let’s briefly address the smaller screen. It has been noted by many, not us, that the iPad is simply not portable enough to appeal to a wider mass of folks. Earlier Samsung offered a smaller Android tablet (the Galaxy) that has done quite well. It too is 7 inches. Could this be Apple taking notes from someone else for a change? Not likely but it appears as though they will be shrinking it by just a bit.

It remains to be seen what other options arise from this but there are sure to be many other updates so we will keep you posted.