New iPhone announced

Well, as with all things related to the iPhone we find ourselves in a good news bad news situation. The good news is pretty obvious, we get a new iPhone. Not just any iPhone either, a really good one. As with the previous versions of this phone it is raises the bar quite a bit. What is most interesting though about the features added (generally speaking that is) is that it they all underscore the fact that this device no longer stands anywhere close to simply being a phone but rather that this device can be used in almost every possible way

Front facing camera – Here is a feature that brings to light some interesting tidbits about this device. Phones are phones but iPhone is, er, well we are still figuring that one out.

Multi-tasking – Ok so as developers we have had the developer release of iOS for a few months now so this is less exciting for us however, once this hits the streets I think this is going to be one of the best features of the phone. Interestingly enough, Apple manages to obfuscate, quite well I might add, the fact that this feature is already on other similar devices. Yet somehow it is a big feature for them. Marketing power at its best.

Small, and incredibly powerful – This sucker is super thin. I mean almost ridiculously so. Also, they have made the case essentially an antenna. Hopefully this translates to better reception all around. Also, looks like the new tech on this thing has also boosted battery life by a ton. Personally, I can’t complain about battery too much as my 3GS is a remarkable improvement over my previous 3G but hey, I would never kick more battery out the door.

While not revolutionary I know, a flash on the camera is nice. Boosting up to 5 megapixels doesn’t hurt either.

A second mic for noise canceling – This is something I am keenly interested to see working. One big complaint from people is the background noise. We can only wait and see but I do appreciate the effort for sure.

And finally, the processor upgrade. Again, I am largely happy with my 3GS but would welcome the additional fire power.

The release of this phone is interesting to me as regular user of technology as well as a developer. As a regular user of technology I find myself using this device more and more along the lines of technology as a convenience. The fact that I can make a phone call as well is almost secondary at this point truth be told. As a developer I am thrilled at the endless paths this device allows us to go down.

One thing is for sure, now that this is out, we are sure to see a revival of the AT&T arguments, the Flash arguments, and don’t forget the perennial favorite, Android or iPhone. Looking forward to it.