PC users rejoice; you now have an iMac-ish

For a long time we have had friendly wars of words with our PC friends everywhere. One sentiment that has been repeated however time and time again is that most would buy an Apple product if it didn’t have Apple’s OS on it. Well now you can, sort of.

In a world where creativity is dwindling by the minute, we have Lenovo coming along and gripping some sizable market share out of Apple’s cash-filled hands. Apple is not estimated to loose their death grip on the “all in one” market but it is certainly now having to swat Lenovo away with a stick. Competition though is very good for everyone.

The device itself looks, well, just like an iMac almost. Not quite but clearly “inspired” by Apple for sure. I suppose if you can’t beat ’em, make a copy of them and slap Windows on it.

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