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Why is responsive important to you?

A question that comes up here time, and time again is “should we go responsive?” followed by “what are the pros and cons?”. Of late, this comes on the order of nearly every project. As such we thought it warranted a quick blurb on why this technology is a bit more than a passing trend and rather a way it “should” be done moving forward. First, let’s cover what it is for anyone who does not already know. In short, it is a single base of code that will determine the device you are on and make visual, and

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How do I market my new moble app?

The number one question we get asked both in pre-sales as well as after we complete a project is, “how do I market this app and make some money?” Good question. Here’s a better one, why are you asking at all? Presumably you own a company, you sell products or services, and have been doing so longer than you have been reading this post. To this end, why is it that you don’t know how to market a product? There, I said it, this is a product. Yes, a product. People continually confuse a new technology with the need

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