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Steve Jobs taking medical leave

Announcements today of Jobs’ medical leave of absence are everywhere. Cook will once again take over for Steve while he is gone. There is no argument that Jobs has been at the helm through an incredible growth period of Apple. With a slew of new things on the horizon, deal with Verizon, iPad 2, iPhone 5, etc, it will be an interesting time to see if the momentum will keep up in his absence. It is unlikely that it won’t. With the tablet wars fully in progress and Android taking off more by the day, 2011 will almost certainly

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Jobs tears into “other” tablet makers

Ahh the fun of talking trash. When hearing stories like this I cannot help but to chuckle at the fact that no matter how many billions of dollars one makes, or how many products one sells, everyone enjoys talking a little trash. This does seem to be the case with Steve Jobs on a recent interview where he all but dismisses RIM’s ability to compete in the market, says that there is almost no one who can compete with them for real, and completely undermines the possibility that a 7″ tablet has any chance of survival. RIM disagrees. In

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