The art of the iPad

In the midst of all the “its just a big iPod touch” and “why are they killing Flash” and all of the other various issues surrounding iPad we are finally starting to see that for the true craft person, arguments mean nothing, the work says it all. I recently came across an article (that can be seen here) that highlighted a few interesting uses of the iPad. As professionals tasked with inventing things to do with this device for our customers I am constantly smiling at that which folks create using this really big iPod touch. (that was a joke).

The exciting part for us is the fact that while the majority of the world was largely wrong about this being a mere big brother of an existing device, even those of us who believed this to be a truly different animal all together have had to be a little impressed with the things currently happening here. Daily conversations with clients too bring advancements in our thoughts as well as keep our minds constantly moving forward as to what tomorrow will bring. In the meantime though here are a few things that we found to be pretty damn cool.

Here are a few things to take a look at…

Also, take a look at this artist’s gallery where he is using the iPad exclusively to create his art.

We plan on addressing this issue again in a few months as more things come up. In the meantime if you find something interesting, please share it with us as we are always looking for more links showcasing cool iPhone/iPad uses.

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