4G is here and poised to blow us all away

That is what Verizon’s chairman/CEO Ivan Seidenberg said recently at CES. He is clearly referring to the impact that the proliferation of 4G networks will have on media companies and their ability to deliver content to anyone, anywhere, at ridiculous speeds. As app makers, this makes us very happy too.

The unfortunate side of this is that while this is undoubtedly true, history tells us that it is going to take a bit to roll out. This means that I might have to buy a few more versions of the iPhone prior to having the experience I am envisioning. That being said it is important to put this into perspective when planning the future of your products.

We are not far off from a world where we have the same access in our hands that we have at our house or office. Viewing a movie on your phone then continuing it in your living room is right around the corner. Accessing data anywhere is already pretty simple depending on what you are talking about but a broader understanding of the impact this is going to have on your marketing and delivery of products and services is crucial to not being left behind.

According to Verizon they are launching this network fast and furious. As noted here prior AT&T just sunk a ton of money into expanding their infrastructure and thus they are not far behind. The distant third place horse Sprint already has a 4G network out there as well. With all of these in motion the time to change your outlook as to what the next steps are is clearly now.

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