Cresting 10 billion apps

Anyone who has ever been to McDonalds know that ridiculous sign that they had up forever with the burger calculator on it. At some point it just got silly to keep counting. We seem to be circling that number now with apps. The difference is that McDonalds had decades to sell that many hamburgers; Apple has had only a few years. (the app store opened in July of 2008). For those of you like myself who could not have done this math in any reasonable amount of time, that shakes out to about 60 apps per device out there.

There is nothing at all insignificant about this figure. In a span of only 2 years and about 7 months, Apple has single handedly changed how we interact with the world around us. The recent launch of Mac apps (for your computer that is) saw a million downloads the very first day. Android and the slew of others out there racing to catch up are only further proof that business will thrive in the app space effective immediately.

The estimated date for the sale of the 10 billionth app is January 23.

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