Netflix queue relegated to website only

Movie giant Netflix made a puzzling decision recently: let’s make it more annoying to manage DVD queue’s for out customers. Now I suppose this is subjective but they did make it such that you could not manage your queue from anywhere but their website. While I admit I represent a minority of the population that is hyper tech-dependent, here is a newsflash: any product or service available to me that has an option of using it on the iPhone or only a website, the one that provides the mobile access is likely to win my business.

In a world where everything is on the go and instant, why in the world would I want to go to a website to do what I should be able to do on a mobile app, my connected TV, or any other device aside from a website. This decision is without question short sighted and, quite frankly, selfish. Diversification is key these days to getting the message out. Virtually no two people approach technology the same way and forcing folks to do things one, and only one, way is simply not seeing the bigger picture.

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