Apple profits straight through the roof

Well Steve might be out for the time being but profits for Apple are literally through the roof. There is a lot going on over there and it is all good apparently.Many folks have been clamoring of late about Steve’s medical leave but it would seem as though he left the ship in very capable hands. The better news here is that it is clearer now that Steve does not equal the only way Apple can be a success.

For the number geeks hanging around, Apple’s revenue was $26.7 billion; or a 71% heave-ho upwards. Add to that Apple is operating at 38.5% margin and you have quite a piggy bank left over at the end of the day. With Apple’s Verizon deal on the horizon, rumors of how cool the iPad 2 will be, and a new Apple TV out, things are looking good for them. The only two sectors that saw a loss were the desktop computers and iPods. Neither are surprising based on the iPad sales likely taking a sizable chunk out of desktops and iPhones having enough space to take over iPod duties.

It remains to be seen what is next for Apple but for now, the future is looking good.