Apple to make iTunes more like Pandora?

I heart Pandora. No doubt about it. It is slick, easy to use, ultra personal, and will sit there quietly (or as loud as I want) and do its job; serve me up music. No muss, no fuss. By contrast I have thousands of songs in my music library that I rarely listen to because they are never on the hard drive near me, not sorted properly, not tagged, you get the point. It is often times easier to simply ignore them and stream.

Apple is toying with a solution to this. Make iTunes a cloud service. It would allow unlimited downloads to iPads, iPhones, or desktops via any internet connection. I say hallelujah. All of my music, anywhere, anytime. Computer problems and a hard drive craps out? No worries, it is all on their servers. Music made easy.

Nothing official is out yet and won’t likely be out for a few more months but a move like this would be huge.