Android takes over top US mobile spot

As the battle of the devices wages on some not-so-shocking news emerged this month from Nielsen. Google’s Android platform has taken over the top spot in the US marketplace over Apple , Blackberry, and everyone else. Final stats have Android taking 29% of the US market while Apple and Blackberry both take 27%. For those interested in the rest Windows is still holding on to 10% of the market. Palm and everything else take 7%.

The fact that Android took top spot is hardly a surprise. Every carrier in the US has several devices (about 100 or so different devices) as well, cars, tablets, and who knows what else have it as well. iOS is strictly iOS devices. Numerically this is a no-brainer how that happened.

More interesting is that Apple ties Blackberry in users. Apple achieved this on an uptick (a steady one at that) while Blackberry achieved this on a downtick (also a steady one). This statistic in my mind further underscores the significance of both Android and iOS’ takeover of the space.

A final bit of interesting, and again not surprising, factoid is that Apple does edge out Android in one category; users 55 and older. WHile I do find my Android to be pretty simple to use, I do find my iPhone to be easier. To this end, I am not exactly surprised that boomers-turned-smartphone go the way of the iPhone.

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