HTML 5 video getting bigger every day

Anyone who has owned anything Apple for the last, oh, forever, knows all too well that their devices often lack a piece of hardware or two that all other computers have. See, SCSI ports, floppy drives, smaller floppy drives, zip drives, etc. It is no secret that when Apple is done with something it is quite simply done and that is that. The recent Apple vs. Adobe wars were nothing different except that it was software this time. Ensuing wars not withstanding, they once again made a pretty bold statement.

A year ago only about 10% of the online video content was in HTML5; thus meaning that 90% of the video on the web was simply “unseeable” on the iPhone and iPad. Today, 63% of web video is in HTML5. That happened in the course of one year. Given the tipping point has clearly passed us in this department it is likely we will be cruising much closer to the 100% marker much faster.

The next pressing question will be video formats. No one can just be happy with one thing for any amount of time so as we move from a fight of “To Flash” or “Not To Flash” we will soon be fighting over which codec to use. My interest level in that debate is not even close to warranting a post just yet but I am sure it will make an appearance here in the near future.

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