Saab + Android = app car (link you tube video here for Saab ion)

In just under 3 years the word “app” has gone from nothing to everywhere. Keeping the ball rolling is our friends over at Saab. They are taking the app paradigm from your pocket to your car. Not only that but they are supercharging them in a very auto-specific way.

While details remain a bit foggy it appears as though users can buy an Android package on their new Saabs similar to floor mats, sunroofs, and heated seats. This package would offer a 3 or 4G connection to the car as well as an Android operated screen. The mechanism would allow users to download Android apps to the car for use whenever, wherever.

The thought is that they would pre-package a bunch of “old favorites” on the car at the time of purchase. You know these guys, the Facebooks, the YouTubes, the Pandoras, and the like. THen you could download whatever else you like. I for one would be pumped for the Pandora app. That would make my day. I am super not pumped about the thought that they will likely make none of this possible while driving, even if the passenger sensor indicates that there is a passenger which would make all of this practically useless but I digress.

The interesting part here is that Saab is allowing developers direct access to 500+ sensors in the car. This will be the first time we developers will have direct, if not full access, to a product other than a cel phone or tablet. The implications of this are huge. WHile history teaches us the first one out of the gate tends to run into issues, this advancement is a) shockingly fast in the continuum of the app paradigm and b) incredibly exciting.

Leaping from cars to blenders, refrigerators, and who knows what else is not all that hard. Being an app developer could soon mean you have nothing at all to do with phones but are a home app builder, or an auto app builder, or whatever you want app builder. I could be a ways down the road but I for one can’t wait.

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