Microsoft to join the tablet party; in 2012

Microsoft is psyched. They are finally jumping in to the tablet wars of late. The bad news is they won’t be doing it until next year. Next year? Really?

While nothing is official yet it looks like Microsoft is working out the kinks on a new version of Windows 7 that would be more ideally suited for the new touch interface of a tablet. Sweet, we sit with baited breath for that.

It seems odd to wait that long really. While we don’t advocate a lot of what is going on in the market now with tablets getting out there as fast as possible, waiting that long is almost worse. It has been stated that there are over 100 tablet models hitting the stores in 2011. 100! It is unlikely that all 100 are good. There have to be some follies in there somewhere but the fact is, someone will buy each one. Perhaps not a lot of someones, but someone will thus giving that manufacturer a shred of traction to build on. Others will thrive. Not showing up seems a bit odd.

Apple will for sure have a third version out there. If it is anything like the iPad2 there will be lines a’ plenty for those. Google will have a few clear cut winners in their corner by then as well; many could be on their second gen devices as well. WIthout question both Apple and Google will have cemented themselves in the court of public opinion by then to be the top dogs. While that may not be the case for time ever after, it is not likely to topple soon.