Microsoft marketplace stats

The Windows Phone Marketplace is the place where Microsoft sells its phone apps. Everyone seems to know a lot about the Apple App Store but this little guy does not get a whole lot of attention. We thought we would list out a few things here that are of some interest to us.

This marketplace offers, at present, about 9,000 apps for Windows phones. Their information tells us that this grows by about 100 applications per day. Slowly but surely it seems to move forward.

Microsoft clearly does well with free or trial apps. Some interesting tidbits here too. Paid apps that have a free trial are downloaded 70 times more than paid apps without trials. From there, 1 in 10 trials convert to paid. This conversion leads to about 10 times the revenue than their no-trial cousins enjoy

These are certainly drastically different numbers from either Android or Apple’s numbers but you have to start somewhere.