iPad2 a significant bolster to healthcare

The iPad was a game changer for doctors. The device’s size, ease of use, and connective abilities allowed previously unheard of possibilities to doctors at the exact moment they really need it; standing in front of you. The iPad2 is almost certainly going to push the next wave of medical adopters to take the plunge.

The iPad2 has a few tactical advantages for doctors. One, it is significantly quicker. The device can burn through images at a blistering pace as compared to the original iPad. This is particularly handy when reviewing a series of scans with, or for, a patient. The second largest advantage is the dual cameras. This allows for remote video conferencing with colleagues when discussing unique cases. It also allows easier documentation of ailments or wounds that can be simply for a patient’s file or for a second opinion by another doctor.

The final kicker is that it is smaller and lighter. Those white lab coats are not exactly the sturdiest things in the world so portability is pretty big. Pair all of this with its ability to connect to a data source and you have a perfect delivery vehicle for all of the electronic medical records in an office.

Overall the device is perfectly poised to push many more medical professionals to the tablet way.

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