Apple to take 21% of mobile advertising revenue

Since its inception, the folks over at Apple have been, to say the least, optimistic about how supersonic iAd was going to be. To say they were incorrect would be accurate. That being said, a few people have predicted substantial growth anyway. According to the IAD Apple will rocket from 0% to 21% of the mobile advertising dollars. This shift will drop Google from its current 27% to be tied up with Apple at 21%. Bringing up the rear will be Microsoft at 7%, down from 10%.

While it is certainly not the 50% + that Mr. Jobs prophesied, it is still not unsubstantial. 21% of the mobile ad space is nothing to shake an iPhone at. The more interesting thing here is the fact that regardless of the fundamental hardware vs software mantra that Apple and Google practice respectively, they see squarely eye to eye on one thing; mobile advertising is the way to be from now on.

If these numbers prove to be accurate then the race for dominance might just turn into a race for third place knowing that spots one and two are, at least for the near future, unattainable.

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