Giving iPad a run for their money

It used to be simple really. The world was flat, the compact disc was as convenient as it could ever get, computers were beige, and generally, things were good enough. Somewhere along the road though progress went into overdrive and the awe-inspiring moments when you first see a truly remarkable technology were few and far between. Now, they are happening almost daily. This gem though really got us going over here. The only problem is I just had an ah-ha moment with the iPad not but a few months ago. I could not even imagine someone could re-invent the digital book that effectively. Yet here I stand, awe struck again.

To even begin to describe this would be doing it an injustice so take a moment to watch the video here. I will say this though, this underscores the fact that this has unlocked an entirely new way of interacting with the world around us. Anyone still left thinking otherwise is simply asleep. They appear to have re-re-invented the digital book and in some pretty amazing ways.This concept also employs one of my personal favorite tricks: mesh together a bunch of technologies that already exist and make them do new stuff. It is so wonderfully simple that it is almost shocking no one did this before. This truly is a new way of viewing and interacting with information.

What is even better is that they appear to have a real passion for forever changing it so they have really gotten a lot of folks on board with thinking what else can be done. I am a personal fan of Alice. Watch the video to find out what I mean.

The Future of the Book. from IDEO on Vimeo.

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