Apple TV hits 1 million mark

Seems as though 2011 will no doubt be a year of tremendous technological growth. As mentioned before, the tablet market is on fire, Apple can’t sell enough iPhones, and the Android market is continuing their amazing growth across multiple carriers. What’s left? The merger of internet and TV. Apple has had a hat in the ring here for a while and we are now seeing the first signs that it is officially in motion.

This holiday season Apple’s Apple TV sales crested a million units. This is significant in what it says about how people are using their devices. Putting internet and TV together is apparently gaining speed and this can only mean good things to come. What is even more significant is that according to Reuters media giants like Cablevision have about 3 million subscribers. Not terrible at all.

Google and Microsoft are also in the game trying to get their devices to the front of the pack but to date, Apple is winning the race for now. Google has actually even pushed the release a bit due to some less than pleasant reviews. Good idea for them to not race to market with a bad product, bad for them as it allows Apple to further progress down this road.