PalmPad – the latest iPad killer

Trade shows are always interesting. Regardless of industry each trade show has hundreds of booths from companies you know and companies you don’t. All of them however typically share a theme each year. As you walk from one booth to the next you hear hundreds of variations on that theme; how they do it better, how they do it faster, what makes them the best. This year’s CES is absolutely going to be about tablets. It would seem that Palm is coming out with one that appears to be pretty cool.

The PalmPad is going to run their WebOS and will come in a few flavors. Circling back to a recent post here one flavor will be geared specifically towards students. Again, the folks over at KNO have their work cut out for them for sure. The rest are for everyone else.

What is interesting about this one is the addition of HDMI port and (on the student version) the ability to hook directly to the university’s academic system. Neat tricks that do set this guy apart from the pack. I would keep an eye out on CES this year for sure. It is going to likely be packed full of neat stuff.