KNO Tablet set to launch

With the tablet market literally ablaze these days we are sure to have numerous posts about this in 2011. It seems fair then to kick the year off with a tablet that appears to be the first to draw a line in the sand and make their device a one-trick pony; work.

The tablet is being sold as a student device that focuses on work and nothing but. In other words, no apps, no fart machines, no GPS to the nearest bar, just class work, homework, and in general learning. The general idea here is to provide a tablet device that focuses on the things students do and leave the rest behind. In theory this is a great idea. The real question is however, if they build it, will they come?

Our offices clearly are slanted as we have iPhones, iPads, and Androids everywhere. These represent the likeliest devices for our clients which are absolutely not students. If you take a look at the device here you can see that this is clearly going in another direction all together. While it is clear that this is a great device, it is hard to swallow that students won’t want to read a text book while in class then switch to an app to release some stress. The fact that it is missing some bells and whistles of the student tablet is not likely to be a huge deterrent from doing this on the iPad or rival tablet.

In any event, this idea is solid and we wish them luck. It is clear though that when we start seeing devices like this that the future is very certain in this regard; tablet technology is here and is taking over. No questions asked.

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