AT&T is buying more bandwidth

So after many, many, many complaints from literally everyone we have ever met who owns an iPhone there may be a light at the end of the tunnel; especially if you live in urban areas. AT&T is set to purchase a fair chunk of extra bandwidth from Qualcomm. This could mean that we won’t drop calls while standing in Rockefeller Center in the middle of Manhattan.

It has long been the cost of doing business with Apple to suffer through the numerous network frustrations of AT&T’s network. This is especially noticeable in urban areas where there are a ton of folks using the 3G bandwidth. As well, as anyone who has ever been inside of a building in a major metro area can attest to, skyscrapers are not particularly great at keeping your iPhone connected. As it turns out this new bandwidth is capable of penetrating these physical barriers and should offer some relief.

While we will see once it is rolled out, this could be good news for everyone who has been frustrated over the years. Here’s to hoping!

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