Apple’s reported new processor

It is no longer a secret that Apple will be releasing a new iPad and iPhone in the near future. The big question on everyone’s mind, as is always the case, is “what’s in it”? As usual no one know for sure but the word on the street so to speak is exciting; multiple processors.

The reports are exciting as they would lend credence to other rumors that the iPad is going to have an incredible 2048-by-1536 screen resolution. As someone in line already to buy a new iPad, this is incredible news. As it is always nice to hear we won’t have to once again learn more code or do more work to make use of a processor upgrade, it is also wonderful to note that it will require no additional code or trickery of any kind to fully use this. English: faster devices, better graphics for the end user, no more work for the developer. Everyone wins.

This is a rumor we are sure to keep an eye on.

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