Watson takes down its first two humans

Ok so anyone not already familiar with IBM’s Watson needs to get on board immediately and check this thing out. I for one am impressed. This computer took and, and subsequently down, two human players in a game of Jeaopardy! They will be playing for real in February. Check Watson out here…

As I constantly read about this project I cannot help but to dwell on phrasing used to describe its size. They say it is a room-sized computer with hundreds of chips, yaddah yaddah. Does anyone recall the stories told to us about the size of the first computers? How about the one that cites that a TI calculator has the same computer processing abilities that we used to put the firs shuttle into space? I am fast forwarding in my mind to the time when a high school kid has a mini-Watson built into his wrist watch (or hell by that time buried in his head via an implant). This thing is truly amazing.

The question now is if we should start building our EMP guns to battle the machine uprise. Just kidding, or am I?