Tablet fever

As we mentioned here on more than one occasion, CES was overrun by the tablet sensation. As was widely reported, CES had more tablets that one could shake a stick at. This morning at breakfast a client asked me where I thought technology was heading and these types of phenomenon make it such that you don’t need a crystal ball or be some techno-luminary to decipher this code: the desktop is dead and the laptop is circling the drain.

To add to this Apple is cranking out new processing paradigms, Google is releasing an OS that is a ground-up build specific to tablets, and, in what may very well be the death rattle of desktop applications, Apple launched its Mac apps (same code base as iPhone/iPad just on a Mac). Folks if the writing is not clear enough at this point then you don’t deserve to be in, standing next to, or in any way involved with technology.

The CES postmortem was clear enough. Tablets are here in a fierce way and going nowhere soon.

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