Apps, apps, apps

AdMob recently released a report that everyone should take a look at. It is a break down of the mobile market world wide that paints a very interesting picture of where we stand currently. Two points of interest here. One of the more interesting tidbits is that mobile devices accounted for 48% of the traffic this year as opposed to a mere 22% 2 years ago. Second, iOS and Android users spent an average of 79 minutes a day using their apps and downloaded an average of 9 per month. If these are compelling numbers you are simply not paying attention.

I recently had a client comment that with over 200k apps on the market, how can we possibly compete? The response is simple; marketing 101. Apps have clearly evolved and are rapidly becoming tools used daily by folks everywhere. In many cases we have seen apps supplant website usage for web-based tools. One such example is ShootQ. Their app does everything their website does with the added benefit of being mobile. Simply put, they connected with their market and responded with a tool that would make it easier to use their product. What is more interesting is that this app costs $39.99. This on top of their already in place subscription model. It is telling because not only do they clearly violate the $.99 app paradigm but folks are buying it and using it.

This should be a wake up call to every company out there wondering what the next thing to do is. This report as well as the deluge of apps coming out daily should clearly illuminate the path for you. While your app may not skyrocket like the fart app did, and you almost certainly will have competition at this point, realize that so does your website, so does your business. It is time to get the iBall rolling, your customers are waiting.