Well, at least Blackberry seems to be out

In a world where we have to constantly decide paper or plastic, soup or salad, and which platform to bet the farm on (for the time being anyway) it is nice to know some things just take care of themselves. Such is the case with the platforms for mobile. While all of us have our favorites it is nice to know we now have proof.

Mashable did not give me permission to use these images but since I am a) giving them credit and b) linking to their site’s article, I am hoping they take pity on me should they read this. However, I have to say these graphics are pretty strong evidence that the world is a’ changin’.

Let’s quickly recap. 19% of the overall mobile device marketplace is ruled by RIM and the perennial favorite Blackberry yet a mere 4% of developers saddled up to a single device for programming purposes hitch their wagon to Blackberry? Hell, they lost to “other” (noted here as 6%). Yes, a company who runs 19% of the marketplace in devices loose programming market share to an ambiguous “other” by a margin of 2%. Also interesting to note on the global stage that while Symbian may be the browser of choice globally, the US appears to have a very small interest in the OS.

It would seem that some companies appear to be in the dark about where the mobile things are going these days. Conversely, let’s also note that Android is clearly making moves here. Of the 90% of folks who say they are a one trick pony, 29% of them are now Android. Not too shabby considering the length of time they have been around by comparison.

However the crowd favorite currently is still decidedly iPhone. 48% of the market is iPhone. While this is likely to shift dramatically over the upcoming months, it is, for the time being anyway, where the action seems to be.