AT&T: We don’t really care

It is no secret that iPhone users’ biggest complaint is the service. Almost all of the time actually. My experience has been so bad that I suppose I just presumed the entire population of iPhone users felt the same. (exaggerated of course, but I thought at least the majority). Turns out I was off; way off. According to a recent poll by Credit Suisse only 23% of current iPhone users would switch if given Verizon as an option. While less than expected, perhaps a few of them will change their minds after hearing their latest statements.

It actually came down to two points the CEO made that, in my opinion, could not more perfectly describe their abhorrent behavior. Point one, he noted that 80% of current iPhone users are either in a family or business plan and that those customers tend to stick around. I for one am in a business plan and yes, traditionally I would stick around due to the extra effort involved in buying new phones, converting to another carrier, and taking time out of my life to do either. However, since you not only know this fact and appear to be shoving it down our throats, I am inclined to put forth the effort, abandon ship, and see who else does as well.

This leads right into the next point where he noted that there are “an extended arrayā€¯ of smartphones Apple subscribers can pick from”. Hmmm. That sounds to me a lot like “well, we really don’t need Apple around anyway”. Really? You don’t? Ok, what you said. Keep in mind most people we speak to have a primary complaint of service. That has nothing to do with the phone. Why in the world would I get rid of my iPhone which works perfectly fine in every other capacity to then take on a sub-standard product and still be left with garbage service?

These types of statements so perfectly describe their overall attitude towards this problem in my opinion. They take the money and run. While I always thought they were thinking these things, it is comforting to note that not only do they actually think that but they also state it openly.