Cel phones and your brain

This is a hard topic for us. Everyone has a cel phone and most are on it non-stop. No one has come out yet with significant proof that we are all slowly dying of brain tumors so, we continue to talk. Keep in mind though that until about 60 years ago we all though smoking cigarettes was actually healthy. (check this out).

Unfortunately this study won’t actually answer any of your questions either but it does get us talking. Essentially it states that test subject’s brains were in fact sensitive to the low levels of radiation emitted from cel phones. Hooray. I can certainly sleep better now for sure.

Test continue to pop up saying nothing at all happens. This test say something is in fact happening but emphatically states that there can be no conclusions drawn at this time.

The study can be found here. In the end though I fear that no one, myself included, really is poised at this point to make any behavior modifications based on this. Who knows, maybe someday we will see our courts littered with litigation by cel phone users. Meanwhile, I can’t wait for the iPhone 5.