Using iPads to sell you more stuff

One thing that is nearly un-arguable at this point is the fact that people really enjoy the iPad. It presents information is an incredibly sexy way. What’s not to like? Retailers have also started to realize this and have begun to test this in several locations.

We too have worked with a retailers to apply sales tools for the iPad. Our experience is in-line with others online; retailers are excited about this for sure. In general it is a no-brainer if you think about it. You can make a store experience that has access to far more information than any sales associate could ever have. You can give a sexy interface to control it and, probably the best part, they can take it with them or download it on their own outside the store.

Some have argued that a website does this as well. It really doesn’t though. iPads, iPhones, and Android enabled devices sit in your pocket, purse, or bag. In other words, stores can speak to their target customers directly, anywhere. Add to this the fact that the mobile devices don’t have to be “websites” and you can now have a much more tailored shopping experience for your users. When viewing next to physical products, this can be a very powerful motivator for purchasing. For on-the-fence shoppers, having your iPhone remind you of a product you looked at could swing the vote after the fact and push an online sale.

The possibilities are certainly endless and are ramping up as we speak. We will keep tabs on the cooler stories as they progress.