Interesting developer stats

From time to time we like to see how the world is progressing. Let’s examine these two graphics:

Although we featured this in the last post I thought it was so compelling that we should dedicate a single post to it. Again, thanks to VisionMobile (original article found here) we have some new insight as to just how dramatic this whole mobile transformation really is.

First, take a look at the amount of developers involved with each. Android is way out in front followed by iPhone; neither of which were really around just a few years ago. Next, not where Blackberry falls on this list. Not even close to the top. However the next graphic is realy the compelling one.

Take notice of the red side which is installed devices vs blue side which is the number of apps available for the device. This is amazing as it clearly notes the dramatic difference in overall adoption. Both Android and Apple have supernatural differences between the number of devices to apps.

If there were every a doubt as to where mobile is heading I think this article and these graphics in particular, tell the entire story.

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