Kno tablet for education – double sided

In what only seems natural as the next evolution of tablet design, a company Kno  is releasing a double-sided tablet hopefully by the end of the year.

This tablet is run on a Linux-based operating system and is geared specifically to the educational consumer. Of specific interest is a desktop (when oh when will we get one for the iPad?), a Flash-enabled browser (although let’s face it, this is less and less of a concern for many clients), and a host of academic-specific features, and of course a two screen display for note taking while reading, or, as students will likely find out on day one, web browsing while in algebra class.

The company also announced a single screen version of the product no doubt as a response to the inevitable price dropping of these devices, size concerns of two screens, and overall variety in their offering. In any event, for my money, this is extremely intriguing.

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