iPad 2; lines, lines, lines

Well even this guy was surprised when I showed up to the mall to get my iPad2. As I was also there on opening day of the first iPad I was without question expecting a line. What I saw there however was, wow. The line spanned the entire length of the mall, wrapped around the end, and started coming back. AT&T in the mall was sold out and Apple could not possibly have had enough for everyone. I called a dozen stores in the area that would have it and all said no. On a whim, I pulled into Best Buy and low and behold there was one left.

Since then everywhere is an iPad ghost town.

Come Monday, it is get-cracking time on installing our apps and playing around more. For now, the camera on the front is killer, the one on the back makes me feel a bit silly holding that big iPad up to take a picture but hey, definitely useful. Thin, yes, which is also very nice. That smart case though I could leave behind. Not a big fan of it to be sure but I can see why some would like it.

Keep posted for the ins and outs as we get to play with it more.

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