Love ’em or leave ’em, gizmos and gadgets are on their way

Technology is quite literally one of our favorite things. I was in the first 100 in line for my iPhone, same with my iPad. I will be for the next iPad as well soon; likely the same with the iPhone. These however appear to be simply laying the framework though for what is to come.

Recent articles all over the web as well as trade shows alike are beginning to display a wide range of gizmos and gadgets designed to use currently available technology in new and productive ways. Even if we disagree on the term “productive” it is exciting nonetheless.

A few things on the horizon:

– The Monkey Robot: This little doodad will run around your house on its own and let mom and dad keep tabs on things vis their iPhone, iPad, or Android. Perhaps gives new meaning to monkey on my back depending on how aggressive this sucker is.

– Mobile enabled pill dispensers that yell at you if you miss a dose. As well, they can deliver what you did eat to a smartphone. Grandpa better watch out because daddy can now snoop on what is, or is not happening.

– Speeding alerts: The next gen of radar detector could absolutely be some type of hacking signal sent to devices that send out alerts when drivers speed. Now cops can actually give speeding tickets from the doughnut shops remotely.

– Speeding may be an issue our kids and grandkids don’t even grasp as driver-less cars are being sorted out now as well in some places. While it would no doubt be very cool to log on to my car via my iPhone to come pick me up somewhere, it would likely put a hole in my plans to do 90mph down the highway.

The biggest problem facing these companies is, for the first time in a while, definitely not the tech. We have plenty of it. It is everywhere. A budding entrepreneur just hast to re-arrange the dots in a pattern that can actually make money.

It is going to be very fun to see what happens next.

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