iPad 2 – what oh what will it be?

I am sure by now everyone knows that the list of folks who panned the iPad early on were, to put it kindly, wrong. They were wrong about it being a “big iPhone”, they were wrong about people wanting to buy it, and they were most certainly wrong about the fact that it would literally change the world; or at least how we interact with it on the mobile side. Since its birth there have been several, and I do mean several, companies scrambling to catch up. In the end though it has bee slow until recently. Now that others have at least put out a product, Apple has to release number two. So what next? The iPad rumor mill never rests.

Baseline: it must be big. There are a few things that have to happen. Top amongst them are cameras, both front and back. Many were disappointed this was not part of “round one” but hey, you have to keep something in your pocket. Not having this would be absurd on several levels. Next in line is the face itself. Many, many iPad users complain about fingerprints and glare. With products like the Kindle using the display to launch an entire commercial on, not having a solution to fingerprints and glare would likely also be an obvious miss.

Next is the processor rumors. Lots here to think about but some highlights include a dual core A4 processor which should significantly boost performance. As well, double the RAM. Finally, and the least reliable but more fun, would be a graphics processor that would allow the retina display to show up on the new iPad.

Finally there is size. As we all know, when it comes to mobile, size absolutely matters. This one is poised to be slimmer and a bit less weighty. Any and all decrease here would be swell.

All fun stuff to ponder, all fun stuff to daydream about, but in the end, no one will know until Wednesday for sure what goes on. Until then, happy conjecture!