Just plain cool

While this is nothing totally new, I never get bored of this technology being used. Recently eBay released a new app that allows sellers to list a geo location of the item. This in turn allows users, or shoppers, to see which eBay items are for sale in their immediate surroundings. I mean how cool is that?

Again, augmented reality apps are hardly new. This latest one however I think underscores how important it is to understand the things that mobile can do well and then capitalize on it. This new app gives an entirely new dimension to the shopping experience, allows for immediate (both because it is mobile and because you can see in your immediate surroundings) access to available data, and encourages end-user interaction. This is a slam dunk recipe for any mobile app. Users want to use this app even if they aren’t shopping for anything. Who knows, they could stumble on something they didn’t even know they needed.

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