New iPad

Well hello there iPad. Funny enough, the process was not at all what it was imagined to be. Our arrival at the store at 9:30 was already a half hour past the opening so I was for sure anticipating a line around the corner. To my surprise the line was expeditiously moving along and we were hurried in and as though they knew I was coming (ok, they knew) I had mine in hand in moments. I even scored a free cup of coffee thanks to the Apple staff.

As with every Apple product I have ever purchased I simply turned on and went for it. Also, like most other Apple products, this plan did not let me down. From the moment I turned it on I was pretty happy. I will say though there were points of confusion about the initial sync.

The iPad wanted to sync with my iPhone’s profile on my machine. This was fine except once done, I went seeking out iPad specific apps and was a bit confused as to if I had to re-download my IMDB and Weatherbug apps or if they would automatically update to their iPad counterparts. Seems as though they did as they are now HUGE (and wonderful I might add).

The keyboard is nice but I am so used to my iPhone this “normal” size keyboard is a bit much at first blush. The largest issue I have now is finding the proper angle to type on where I can regain my typing speed on the device. Still, this is a really pleasant change of pace.

We anticipate plenty of posts from here on but did want to weigh in on the new advancements. We currently have a few clients seeking answers to the device and fully intend on getting them answers. For now, suffice it to say, this thing is a lot of fun.