Unified inbox, and grouped conversation: the new email

The preview release review continues with email. The new features really do make the experience a lot more like a regular computer interface. The ability to view all of our mailboxes in a unified window is nice to be sure. I personally view 6 email accounts on my devices so this is a real treat to get a snapshot of all of the mailboxes in one place. Our company accounts are IMAP so this new way of doing things does pose a few issues.

So the unified inbox is fantastic. Backing up one level shows me all inboxes for all of my accounts. This is fabulous for inbox-only viewing but adds a bit of a scroll when we get down to needing to look for emails in our IMAP folders on the server. These are stored in the corresponding accounts below the inboxes. Here you can see a duplicate of the inboxes as well as all other folders in that particular mailbox. The small scroll is a bit cumbersome to this reviewer but in general I am inclined to forget about it due to the overall convenience of this new way.

One of the best new features though has to be the grouping of conversations. I am on a few lists which are quite chatty. Similar subjects group into a mini-inbox style list of the individual messages in the chain. I love that this de-clutters the inbox while not doing what Gmail does by grouping them into one uber message. I like having them separate for sure.

Of all though I still long for the day when my iPhone can format text in my signature field. The limitations of the signature feature are pronounced however now that we have a unified inbox. While I can see all 6 email accounts, I can only reply with one signature.

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